Our marriage agency has been counseling women during a long period of time, and almost everyone asks this question: why men from different countries want to start a relationship with a woman from Ukraine? What makes them tick? Here are the conclusions based on our own observations:

The situation in Europe. Since the 80-es , when the Germans were the first to raise the flag of feminism, almost all the female part of the Europe joined them.  Freedom, equal rights, more opportunities for a successful career and business has become the main aims for women. The family ceased to be the first in the list of values, and, moreover, just became a burden for a successful and free life. The family is the responsibility of the children, it means that the woman have to stop her career, refuse from travelling and start taking care of kids.

Actually, sex ratio of males to females in Europe is about the same, but if we subtract those who prefer such relationships as: woman + woman, woman + career, woman + freedom from obligations, it turns out that quantity of women who are ready to traditional marriages is significantly less than men. This situation enables European women to choose when and whom to marry. In modern Europe, woman about 35 start thinking about the family, nearly 37 she gives the birth to the child, and if things are going well in the family, then she give a life to one more kid.

It means that if a man wants to start a family, he has to stand out from his compatriots, to be more affluent, less demanding.International-Dating-Agency

For the European men family is the most valuable part of the life. And in a situation where a man wants to start a family, but it’s hard to do with compatriots, it is quite naturally, that he begins to look beyond their his own city, region and even country.

The situation in Ukraine. Ukraine is the country of beautiful, well-groomed, sexy, smart, responsible but single woman. those, who dream about family, about the relationship with a worthy man. Ukrainian women have great inner power that lies within us, and the desire to share the inner world with a desirable partner. Every woman wants almost the same – love, reciprocity, respect and harmony. Men in Europe want the next things – to get noticed, have the opportunity to become a knight, to do things for his lady. And plus to this, they are ready to take responsibility – for themselves, for a woman, for the family. Therefore, the position of Ukrainian women and European men is like a mirror – the same values bring people together, help to create strong alliances.

The last twenty years have shown that international marriage is not something exotic, this is a common family in which in which a man and a woman are happy and prosperous.

Foreigners believe that the find Ukrainian wife, it is not only beautiful, good housewife, mother, loving their children. Men have estimated that Ukrainian woman is smart, devoted, she is a reliable partner, both in the family and in the general case. These ladies are able to inspire, support in difficult times. They are emotional, straightforward, capricious, and these features are appreciated by men higher than calm and mercantile interest in the family of European women.

We hope that this information was useful for you. And believe that with help of our international marriage agency “Kleopatra” you will be able to find your love as soon as it is possible. We wish each of you good luck and wait for your successful happy-ending.


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