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Looking for an online partner is an increasingly popular trend, not only among adults, but also among teenagers. Virtual life merges with the real life and the boundaries seem to be increasingly thin and labile. There is a shift in the network of all affections, relationships and today also of feelings.

The network has progressively revolutionized every aspect of our life, to the most intimate sphere. The apps dedicated to online meetings and appointments multiply and change the way in which people, especially teens, experience feelings and relationships.

How do teen dating apps work?

App and dating sites work in an extremely simple way: lots of profiles with photos of boys and girls (but many are also adult users), selected according to geolocation, which can be deleted or on which you can express satisfaction by sliding your finger on screen of your smartphone. In the case of mutual interest, you can access the chat.

Although these applications are widely used, it seems possible to highlight a difference between expectations and reality: the younger ones, in a particular way, end up displaying dozens of profiles, comparing them to their own and above all evaluating the level of satisfaction and appreciations obtained. There are even “super like”, a special form of “like”, which can be given only once a day, with which the level of gratification increases even more.

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When relationships become social, mediated by applications and online connections, we end up building our profiles mainly on the basis of the consensus that we could receive, we evaluate others based on information or shared photos, we are looking for the best strategies to make hit on the other at the first attempt, because often online matches do not give second chances.

You can feel valued and judged by what you post and share, based on a few words that are written in chat and, for some guys, this can lead to the fear of not being able to really express what you are, hiding behind what most can please other users.

Relationships and affections are rationalized, strategies are elaborated, we try to control ourselves and others, we rely on the quantity of online contacts and friends, losing sight of quality. Dialogue and waiting become tiring, one seeks his approval on the basis of what appears; and if this can initially give feelings of freedom and lightness, over time it can feed its own insecurities and fears.

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Best Teen Dating Apps

The dating apps do not have an excellent reputation, but there is no denying that today they are one of the best ways to get to know people and make relationships, fleeting or long. The dating app are used mostly by singles looking for a flirt or a new partner, but also simply to meet interesting people, maybe far from our circles of friends but similar to us.

Looking for safe and reliable dating apps to meet new people or find love as a teen? The market is full of app for dating, but to help you untangle in this crowded platforms, we’ve chosen the best online dating apps.

The selection was made based on ease of use, simple interface, availability for all operating systems, popularity, features present, degree of security for privacy and gratuity.

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The app that has been more successful in recent years is Tinder, which promises to identify common affinities and interests and, through geolocation, identifies other users connected in the same area. Similar apps are more and more numerous and widespread, and finding similarities and similarities, or the one that, on the contrary, might not like us, proves increasingly quicker and simpler.

Tinder is one of the few dating apps for teens under 18. Simplicity seems to be one of the strengths, so much so that, for example, according to the American Statist website, in the second quarter of 2015, 41% of Tinder users were aged between 25 and 34 and 38% between 16 and 24 years.

Teen Dating App, Spotafriend and Meet & Chat For Girls And Guys are the next best things to have happened to the world of teen dating. You can read more about how the apps work and what special features they have, as well as a detailed description of membership rules, here: https://nouw.com/expertindating/top-3-teen-dating-apps-34420080.

You know when you see someone on the subway, but you do not know how to approach them? Here, this is the reason why this meeting app was born. Happn was born to try to have a chat with someone who hit us on the street or at a party.

Whenever two people with this app downloaded on the phone meet, the event is recorded and a link is created by which you will know when, where and at what time you met. When both people leave themselves a like then the chat will be activated and you can start talking.

Once is the “anti-Tinder” dating app that allows you to see only one profile per day, selected not by the system, but by a team of experts in the field. Thanks to Matchmakers, people can understand if the partner is suitable for you and the degree of affinity, the app becomes one of a kind.


Every day at midnight the two users will see the proposed photo and only when they both like each other can they start chatting. The Cinderella fairytale in digital version. If the spark does not start, just wait 24 hours to see the new proposed partner.

Very similar to Tinder because of the search for sliding, Bumble has however a distinctive feature: it is the female part to have the reins of the game in hand; which is why it is considered the perfect dating app for women. On Bumble only women can start conversations, except in the case of same-sex couples (you can change preferences from the settings) or people with whom you are friends on Facebook. The app is free and available at the moment for Android and iPad and iPhone with iOS 8 or later. There is no version for Windows. Once installed you can log in via Facebook (from which you take profile photos and info like age, date of birth and education), but you must be at least 17 years old to use it.

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  1. When dating women online, you should always follow a plan to ensure that you make a good impression.

  2. Women will find you more enticing if you are not afraid to put some effort into it.

  3. If you don’t look like someone who’s out to get cheated on, they’re unlikely to reply.

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