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What is OKCupid about?

OKCupid is a hyper popular dating platform many people know about, but there are still newcomers who need a clear and understandable tutorial on its usage.

First of all, it successfully works since 2004 so you can be sure  about its reliability. However, if you’re an admirer of international dating, you should probably choose another site or app.

Although singles from different countries join OKCupid, the majority of members are from the USA. Therefore, many prefer to use it for local dating.

Its target audience isn’t limited by age or a social position, since everyone can afford paying 10 dollars a month for finding good matches regularly.

Sugar babies won’t find their daddies there: it’s not their piece of pie and not their price category. The same comes to cubs and cougars.

Due to its low price, OKCupid is especially appreciated by the students and seniors. Both categories succeed in their search. But middle-aged singles use it too.okcupid black

Accordingly to these target audiences, the platform can be used for hookups or virtual flirting, but rarely for serious dating. There are several reasons for that.

It happened historically that OKCupid became one of the first sites and apps for casual dating. Earlier, all platforms promoted eventual marriage.

Since it never started to offer any special services such as romantic tours, romantic gifts delivery, or even the ID verification, it remained among non-serious platforms.

At the same time, many people confirm they found what they wanted on OKCupid, and didn’t waste their time in vain. That’s encouraging enough.

After all, lots of love stories have started from casual dates or even one-night-stands. If chemistry is present between two people, they have motives to stay together.


Impressive success of an average dating platform

OKCupid doesn’t offer anything innovative or outstanding, its features are very basic. It offers a chat room just like any other platform, but not the group chat or video chat.

There is a personality test and some people enjoy passing it, while others think it’s unnecessary, especially on hookup sites. There’s actually no need in them.

At the same time, OKCupid is attractive for youth thanks to the possibility to import the photos from Facebook and Instagram. This feature has been added recently.

It is present on many modern dating platforms, so we guess OKC just had to follow the tendency. It’s very convenient indeed, though. Other age groups appreciate that as well.

Using this platform is convenient in many other ways as well: saving the search parameters, ability to change and modify the profile, notifications about read messages – all that helps a lot.

Some users claim it isn’t really modern though that messaging is available only to those who liked each other. This boring formality makes the acquaintance process a bit harder.

Some new social network features have been added lately, but they rather have a promotional character and do not really affect the overall quality of services.okcupid green

These options sound positive but there’s nothing special, indeed. Still OKCupid manages to raise the number of its members every single day, since it’s already very famous.

It would be fair to mention that a customer team reacts quickly enough and in general, customer receive qualitative and efficient services they expected to get.

After all, the majority of famous platforms do not put any efforts in order to optimize their features and become really trendy. They just gather the harvest as it is.

So we cannot criticize OKCupid for being very usual. It’s already good enough that many users are real and multiple success stories can be found everywhere on the Internet.

The matching system is a bit old-fashioned so the platform is mostly preferred by people in their 30s and 40s. However, single seniors find it comfortable too.

This system is, in fact, just a random questionnaire combined with a classical advanced search so it isn’t a quick matching; it demands some time, patience, and thought put in it.

Although this app and the desktop site are mostly used for casual meetings and hookups, nothing looks or sounds too naughty there. It’s still close to decent courtship anyway.

The administrators don’t allow naked profile photos or vulgar profile descriptions, everything is pre-moderated and easily banned after other users’ complaint.

What’s the most surprising, there are also real success stories that tell about long-term dating and marriage with the OkCupid help. It’s rather an exception but it’s a fact, still.

We would still call it average, but it at least does something for the price it asks: tries to quickly respond to customers’ requests and solve technical problems.

It also combats the scammers and bots, and doesn’t attack the free users with advertisements too much. In comparison with the majority of similar platforms, it’s quite impressive.


How to act on OKCupid to get the utmost results

OkCupid isn’t much different from other classical flirting platforms so it’s important to follow general recommendations such as being cautious, and using a common sense.

Your must-do actions should be testing a person you talk to, re-checking all the information twice, and analysing people’s intentions basing on their phrases, behaviour, face expression.

The simplest psychological skills are crucial just like everywhere else on the Internet. Other than that, the OkCupid app can be considered nice, fun, safe, and effective.

We recommend it to 30+ people who feel lonely and would like to make their evening or their life a bit brighter. It’s also better to use it within the United States.

If to analyze the users’ complaints connected with OKCupid, it will quickly become obvious that only people with negative characters tend to criticize such platforms.

Here are some of the disadvantages people usually list: infrequent technical failures, long loading, no safe identity verification.

As you can see, there’s nothing deadly really. When new and unknown platforms are doing the same thing, people get mad and rate them pretty low.

But since OKCupid already has a good reputation proven by time, it’s better to focus on its advantages and all the opportunities it offers to single western men.

Among the helpful warnings, we would list the necessity to stay away at all if you’re the one who is after international, interracial, or same-sex dating.

All these kinds of partnership can take place on OKCupid, but historically and practically, it’s a purely heterosexual and USA-centered platform.

So in order to avoid disappointments and wasted time, it’s better to search elsewhere and leave OKCupid to classical dudes who like to flirt online and occasionally meet.

The most resourceful users manage to find women of other nationalities and races on OKCupid who currently live in America and are open for dating.

For example, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Filipina women can be easily found on a platform with such a vast database as OKCupid.

It’s a useful and fun possibility but many singles just use the app or site for quick local hook-ups or finding a travel mate. So it’s better to follow this tradition as well.

Thanks to a correct working and well-adjusted geolocation feature, OKCupid helps to find a same-thinker literally on the neighbourhood, and spend a cool evening together.

So the only concern that remains, is people’s ability to recognize and detect non-trustworthy users who are just time wasters and should better be avoid.

Men who write negative reviews, should learn how to keep away from potential scammers and abusers, how to reply to them wisely or completely ignore them.

Since OKCupid is very inexpensive, some people register there with bad intentions and try to get a profit out of other users. If to be attentive and use previous experience, you’ll be fine.

Women users are less happy with OKCupid than men, as they normally want a lasting relationship and not just a one-night-stand. A big competition is also annoying to them.

But it’s a good thing for you: trying to compete and get the best man’s attention, women on OKCupid post frank qualitative photos, write longer and more interesting letters, etc.

In general, there are more chances for a man to find what he needs on this dating site, than for women. If they want a serious relationship, they’d better try other platforms.

As experts, we can make a conclusion that OKCupid is going to survive and succeed through any thick and thins of the dating market, despite of the growing number of competitors.

It’s a bright example how a loud, well-known name and widely advertised business remains successful through the decades, even if not all is perfect.

Singles who aren’t after trendy design and newest social network features, may keep on using OKCupid for months and even years, as it basically responds to their requests and makes a change.


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  4. However, it’s important to remember that there are risks associated with dating apps.

  5. Unless you’re ready to risk putting yourself in danger, you shouldn’t join a new site until you’re sure it’s safe for you.

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