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Mingle2 is a free dating site and app mostly popular within the US. The number of members is over 2 million. The key audience is 25 – 45 y.o. people. Mingle2 is a casual dating platform.

Mingle2 is mostly popular for its free features such as chat and messaging. It’s well-designed and stylish but not trendy enough to attract the late teens and very young folks.

Also, it isn’t secure enough for a sensitive audience. The Captcha against bots is added only recently and many profile photos are fake and/or containing nudity.

It is also an obstacle for older people. There’s no pre-moderation that would make things better. Customer support is also weak and customers should only rely on their experience.

One should know that Mingle2 isn’t suitable for online dating, for two reasons: the majority of users are from the US and it searches by geolocation. It is mostly used for local hookups.

However, the matching system is rather strong and the database within the US is big enough so the app can be used for serious relationships too. It is very reassuring.

Some features are innovative or at least show the developers’ care about customers. It’s already a big advantage in comparison with many apps that cause only scam and fraud.

However, although the owners of the app may not have bad intentions, a weak security level creates the favourable ground for scammers that register and cheat people for money.

It’s a frequent situation on dating apps, but it’d better be avoided. That’s why following common security measures remains so crucial and helpful.

In general, we would make a summary that Mingle2 is “not bad” and can be recommended to 25 – 40 y.o. people who already got some experience in online dating and could keep safe.

It has enough interesting and effective features to satisfy the most demanding user and many succeed in finding partners via it, either for casual affairs or something more profound.

However, the communication there is rather frivolous and sex-oriented. The experts’ rate is “so-so” but rather high than low, and the biggest advantage of the app is its free status.

Therefore, we mostly recommend it to the students and certain older people who don’t like a commercial dating. The atmosphere on Mingle2 is more relaxing and casual.

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The pros for your consideration

To imagine better how it works, and get prepared, take a look at these pros other users enjoy:

  • Stylish red design
  • Quick registration
  • All features are free
  • Uploading up to 12 photos
  • Empty profiles aren’t shown in search results
  • Clear reasons of visiting the platform by users
  • Effective Mutual Match option
  • One can search for matches with photos only
  • Search by location nearby
  • Original and unlimited ice-breakers
  • Social function: forums and posts
  • Stealth Mode allows to browse invisibly
  • Blocking other users with one click

As you can see, Mingle2 is doing its best to be trendy and accessible. It has the potential, even if isn’t fully realizing it recently. The primary concept was really great.

Bright design, particularly, is very important for success among the teens and youth. The developers have followed this condition and that’s particularly why they are so loved.

Free usage also means the dating site or app are made for the students and people with a low / average income. Teens, particularly, traditionally prefer free platforms for finding new friends.

Quick signing up is also focused on the young audience: they aren’t patient enough to fill in the endless questionnaires and pass personal tests or compatibility tests.

Social network elements, such as forums and easily editable posts, were surely added for young people’s pleasure and convenience. We doubt seniors would equally enjoy that.

Multiple original ice-breakers can also be called an entertainment tool for single youngsters who turn dating process into another online and offline game. Why not, shall we say!

At the same time, they are disciplined by the necessity to write at least something in their profiles, because empty ones are not going to be visible. Which is very smart.

The rest of features that work well and are appreciated by the users, are convenient for other age groups, such as 30 – 40 y.o. folks: for example, search by geolocation.

This feature is actually always a sign of a hookup platform. People who look for serious relationship, do not mind the distance and even accept international dating.

While casual sex seekers are normally focused on shorter distances and prefer to find an adventure as closely as possible, to not spend extra time on such an unimportant thing.

Mingle2 is in fact very fair in this regard: it suggests to its users to indicate the reason of search directly in the profile, from the beginning. Many people do that.

Easy blocking of other users with just one click is also universal. This feature is especially important for women attacked by virtual abusers, and men attacked by the scammers.

Stealth Mode is definitely for people who used to date anonymously. We would warn you that married or taken folks who only pretend they’re single, are typically using such options.

The possibility to upload 20 photos, on the opposite, isn’t for anonymous daters. It is mostly used by middle-aged women who want to get married urgently, and narcissistic playboys.

Mingle2 matching system should be mentioned separately. Experienced daters know this feature rarely works well. There are always nuances that prevent it from proper functioning.

Realistically, it is often simply decorative and doesn’t help at all. In other cases, this feature works in a wrong way suggesting the matches with opposite, non-compatible criterions.

While on Mingle2, it’s one of the strongest advantages and the most helpful features called to provide the users with what they needed, in a quick and effective way. We really applaud Mingle2 for it.

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Some cons you are going to deal with

Nothing is perfect, especially if it’s free and made for a big amount of people. Certain issues are simply unavoidable, no matter how hard the developers try.

Although Mingle2 should be appreciated and rewarded for the minimum of annoying ads in its free version, it still cannot keep absolutely everything under control, and it’s obvious.

Here are some of the disadvantages that may spoil your overall impression of Mingle2:

  • Popping up links that constantly redirect to other pages and sites
  • Very basic profiles with sometimes fake photos make it hard to choose and decide
  • Full nude profile photos (not pre-moderated or banned)
  • Many scammers on there, both male and female
  • Registering via the phone number often leads to fraud
  • No Help or FAQ section

As we can see, the service on Mingle2 is incomplete. No one intended to create a paradise for free members. The team has put much weaker efforts than it could for a higher price.

Although the users are encouraged to make their profiles informative, and provided with all necessary tools for that, the team doesn’t pre-moderate their pages and leaves as they are.

The scammers aren’t weeded out either, and it seems this situation won’t change nearest time, so one should rely on his own experience and carefulness.

In general, safety on Mingle2 is non-existing, and it’s a sad fact. Not only the customer support remains silent and irresponsive, but also the Help and FAQ sectors are absent.

Safety is considered absolutely necessary for serious dating platforms, as well as for high-quality hookup apps which are usually elite and secretive. You might know some of them.

However, teenage and 20+ hookup platforms are often less qualitative and leave no space for well-protected intimacy. Mingle2 has this kind of destiny exactly.

For someone careless who is ok to show his face openly, to weed out the scammers and fraudulent accounts by himself, Mingle2 might be good enough. And here is why.

It is budget-saving, fair, simple, and has all possible advantages except for a good security. Therefore, people tend to forgive this only flaw and keep on using Mingle2 for months.

After all, it is doing its job well and connecting singles within the USA for casual meetings and more. It is also used for finding a travel partner or a party buddy.

So we recommend it to older students and mature people who are confident daters and can detect the fraud easily. In this case, they are going to be fine on Mingle2.


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