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Loveswans is an online dating platform that has all features you would possibly need if you are seeking for genuine affection and a serious relationship.
These days, lot ’s of people who have access to the Internet and are actively searching for a better half have embraced the use of online dating services to find their ideal partners. The internet provides more options compared to the conventional way of meeting your dream partner.

Online dating platforms are unique, in the sense that you are quite sure of meeting people who share same goals with you, and they can easily be contacted with a few clicks. It’s a whole lot easier and less stressful for the shy types who find it extremely difficult to approach a member of the opposite sex and making the first move.

There are so many dating platforms on the internet now, but stands out from the crowd. Loveswans is a fast growing dating platform with amazing features to help you find your missing rib. The site has a user-friendly interface and navigation is pretty simple.Loveswans is an online dating platform

With an ever-increasing user base, Loveswans is definitely the place to be if you truly desire to find that special person. Becoming a member is very easy, all you need do is to sign up, create and update your profile by filling up a questionnaire about your kind of life partner and other personal details which you are comfortable with sharing.
A well-structured profile increases your visibility and opens you to possible matches and helps you mingle with available singles who share similar interests with you by sending winks, emails, virtual gifts or chat invitations.

Meeting an online date for the very first time is often filled with suspense. Your mind would be a beehive of random thoughts about your partner. For people who are into online dating, there are basically two types of first date experience which would possibly occur. The first is – Smooth Sailing: Everything would just fit so perfectly, the communication would be flawless, and it would seem like you’ve known each other for quite some time, to the extent that the bar or eatery attendants would have to remind you about TIME.

The second type would be less exciting and not very lively; both parties might be trying too hard to be conservative and not give out the wrong impression about themselves to the other person. Ideally, the first experience would always be preferred to the latter, but having the second experience isn’t that bad, all hope is not lost. You can as well make up for it in subsequent dates because as long as everything works out fine, the connection might just happen when next you meet up.

first date experience

Another important aspect of online dating is the initial message being sent when getting to know each other better. For ladies, the first message which they usually ask a guy when dating online are;

1. What is the nature of your job, and for how long have you been on it?
2. Where are you originally from?
3. Where did you study?
4. What did you study in school?

Online Dating can be quite nerve-wracking, especially when you guys are meeting up for the very first time. Imagine sitting at the same table near someone you’ve been having fantasies about for some time. To ease your mind and calm your nerves, preparing in advance about what to say and the type of questions to ask would help you a lot.

Online Dating vs Offline Dating

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