is very popular website, where men all over the world can choose beautiful women for love and family. On this great free dating sites, every representative of the strongest sex, has a great opportunity meet the lady of his dream. This website gives a great opportunity to meet mexico girls of your dreams. Moreover, only here you will find some tips that will make your personals successful. For example, we would like to share advice about the appropriate communication with a woman.

Sometimes it happens that you chose an absolutely safe topic at first glance, for example, “Literature”, but you see from the reaction of the girl that she does not like this topic and she does not want to discuss it. Do not insist, because the success of the first date depends largely on how comfortable you both feel. If you see that the topic for the conversation with the girl was chosen unsuccessfully, just change it, without special explanation or lyrical digressions.

Sometimes it happens that the girl has difficulty answering the question “What book are you reading right now?”, Save her and say something like: “Do you like cinema more than books?” I also adore cinema. Here is the last film that I saw – super. Have you watched it? And what kind of movie do you like? “. Everything is ok, because unpleasant for the girl theme has been changed, she can relax and your conversation will take place in a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

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But you should remember that safe topics to talk with a girl – that’s not all, it’s also important to behave correctly.

  • Be sincere. If you start to crumble in false compliments or sing songs about the fact that you have been waiting for this meeting all your life, the girl will understand that you are a liar.
  • Do not shake, like a hare, because of fear. It is natural that you are terribly worried, but you need to find a way to hide it.
  • A gloomy expression on your face will make her think that you are not too pleased with your date.
  • Conversation is a dialogue between two people, and not your wondrous monologue. Listen to what your friend tells, ask her questions and listen, without interrupting, until the end of her answers.
  • Do not answer in monosyllables if she asks you a question.
  • Do not be afraid of pauses in conversation. If, for example, you took a young lady to a restaurant, then give her the opportunity to eat.
  • Also, it is needed to ask some questions in order to get to know your interlocutor. Find out all the main points from the presentation (marital status, area of ​​professional interests, hobbies).
  • In conversation, it is better to address by name to your interlocutor, since for each of us the name is the most favorite word. Acquaintance lasts only 5-10 minutes, try to behave natural: an attempt to hide your excitement in any way can only spoil your image, it is better to be yourself.
  • Nonverbal communication is also important. If you want to make girl fall in love with you, look at her more often and gently touch her, but unobtrusively. For example, support under the elbow, touching the back, letting the girl go forward, take her hand in the transport, etc.
  • Be a good conversationalist. It should be interesting with you. Your speech should be literate and smooth, and even learn to say compliments – the girls really like it.

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