Is it a hookup site or a serious dating site? is a popular yet controversial dating site mostly used within the USA. The owners claim it is meant for serious relationship, and we are going to analyze whether it’s so.

The price of membership on this platform is rather high. Of course, developers explain this by serious-mindedness of the users and the whole site conception, but we wouldn’t be so sure.

There are some other dating sites in the market that prefer to keep their price high, but they are either elite or narrowly specialized, for example, for Arab singles in the US.

Otherwise, it makes no reason to keep the matching process so expensive, as more as it’s very easy to prove is actually for hook-ups and not for eventual marriage.

First of all, just look at its name. For sure, lasting relationships and marriage require chemistry in equal measure, but they are usually focused on other words and concepts.

Then comes a location. Marital sites often involve international dating or at least do not mind it, while casual sex sites are limited by one or several countries: just like dating site

The developers think it’s a positive side that 35 – 54 y.o. users prevail in the database, since people are more serious-minded in this age. But the practice shows mature singles seek hookups too.

The site claims its personality and compatibility test by Dr. Helen Fisher provides better matching. But its matching system is just out of any critics, so wrongly it works.

Since Chemistry serves both heterosexual and same-sex dating, there are LGBT members in the database. What to say, if it matches them with straight singles every now and then?

It’s the brightest example of how it works, and how it confuses things. Well, mostly hookup sites have such a poorly working matching system, as serious dating sites must do better.

Finally, a big number of scammers cannot be considered a sign of the hookup site since the same happens on serious dating sites, but it’s inappropriate for such an expensive platform.


The advantages that should be mentioned

It would be fair to list the pros too. Let’s start from the fact that is a product of group, which is a dating giant and usually produces good quality platforms.

As dating experts, we’d like to believe this site has a much bigger potential and its current level of services can be somehow improved with time. For now it just doesn’t happen.

The only thing that Chemistry does really well, is responding to customers’ requests. Technical support is quick and polite, and this is possibly what we pay for on this site.

Female ratio is higher than male on, which is also an advantage. It means, the choice is good, but only if the majority of female profiles are real and legit.

Now, it’s hard to say how exactly the statistics about users’ education and average income was gathered, if the majority of them prefer not to mention these parameters at all.same-sex dating

But the owners claim people with the higher degree and big income severely prevail on this platform. Theoretically, it increases the chances to find a decent partner or a spouse.

My Stream and The Chemistry Blog new features have elements of a social network and are called to stimulate the users’ interest towards each other. How does it work on a practice?

On a practice, members use these features very rarely, because mentioned age groups are too busy for social games. They prefer to go straight to the point and that is logical.

They aren’t typically keen on using the Chemistry Starters feature either, as it’s in fact the online flirting game. It’s a bit more time-wasting than average ice-breakers.

We assume these bonus options were rather added for attracting a bigger number of young users, for a balance. But the most recent statistics have shown there are still a lack of them.

The Open Ended Essay in the profile is also a rarely used option, since all profiles remain more or less brief. But it’s pleasant such an opportunity exists for deep-thinkers and writers.

The same comes to the possibility to add up to 50 photos: it’s obvious only the most narcissistic personalities would appreciate it. It’s too much even for female models.

In fact, 4 – 5 successful profile photos are usually enough for presenting oneself and attracting the others’ attention. But, such a costly dating platform should indeed offer bonuses.

Online safety tips on Chemistry are indeed very important and helpful. If only they weren’t of purely theoretical and informational character, since the scammers aren’t weeded out by the admins.

Free Communication Weekend option, on the opposite, is appreciated by all users, except for the fact that scammers love using it too. Be aware they’re extremely active on such weekends.


Safety issues and other sad facts

Now, for whom is if it isn’t for the youth, for serious daters, or for people with the average income? Let’s try to analyze further while looking at the real reviews.

Unfortunately, until it’s improved and optimized, it still looks like a trap. First of all, because the platform has very troubling safety issues. It even seems hacked from time to time.

How else to explain that users frequently receive advertising emails from the third persons after registering on the site, with their names, nicknames, and other personal data mentioned?

Another problem is the ads popping up every now and then. Clicking on them is very difficult to avoid, but it leads to being flooded with neverending advertisements.

The most unpleasant thing is that the ads are often of pornographic character and it’s nearly impossible to unsubscribe. Only changing the email address helps which is very annoying.

Many users also complain the site is often loading too slowly. It feels really awkward now as we are reaching the 2020. Some think this time is used for stealing the users’ technical data.

Other members report unauthorized charges from the bank card: not non-refundable payments for the services as usually, but absolutely unexplainable charges that took place multiple experts

Let us remind you that Chemistry doesn’t charge 5 or 10 but about 40 dollars for each month, so when one discovers he has been charged for nothing, it’s quite a big stress.

Now imagine thousands of negative reviews from real users who wasted their time, money, and sometimes even broke their hearts on They cannot believe it’s a Match product.

The deeper exploration shows this situation hasn’t been changing for years. While the price was going up only. Does it tell us about something? The conclusion is it’s a non-legit site.

When the developers put a lot of efforts to create very unique and irreplaceable features of a huge meaning and importance, to promote them, and to make you believe you need them, but to deceive you after…

It only means they are after your money and they have a confident intention to receive them giving nothing in return. Because it isn’t a dating or a hookup platform, but a pure trap.

Maybe the Match company indeed sold the rights to the third person and that is why all this mess takes place, but it isn’t something that could calm you down when you’re angry.

It doesn’t matter who composed the personality test, which age or level of income prevails in the database of members, how innovative the features are, if the most basic things aren’t done.

The most basic things for the dating site are weeding out the scammers, verifying the profiles even during so-called free weekends, refunding the payments when required, and so on.

When no one cares about that, the platform cannot be called legit and it cannot announce the high price. There are simply no reasons for that, and you have nothing to do there.

The most optimistic experts still hope some changes will be done, and the Match will protect its name. But if not, this platform has to be closed and completely forgotten about.



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  1. It’s not a site for the casual dating crowd, but it is geared toward busy professionals.

  2. There are many advantages to using this site, so make sure you try it out for yourself to see whether it is for you.

  3. If you’re not sure if you’re a match, sign up for a paid membership and see what happens.

  4. With the recent influx of apps, the process of connecting with potential partners can be time consuming.

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