Longing for love and harmony in your heart? Feeling tired of loneliness? Brilic offers you a great opportunity to meet your love as soon as possible – just download the app and start your search!

If you want to try an app which is oriented to serious dating and relationship, Brilic is just for you. It is an innovative app designed for safe dating which provides you different search options and allows to get acquainted with people around the world.

Brilic is an app which takes into account the modern trends, and here you can look for a partner no matter what is your sexuality. It is suitable for straight people, gays, lesbians and bisexual people. This app is safe and easy to use and will bring you lots of bright and positive moments.

Signing up

Brilic is an easy app to start using. You can download it on App Store or Google Play, depending on what kind of a mobile device you currently have. Then you install the app and choose the variant of registration.

If you have Facebook or Google account, you may use one of them to log in to Brilic. Your name and other information will be saved automatically. All you need to do is to fill your search criteria.

If you do not have any social network profiles or prefer not to use them for this, you may fill in the registration form and create the account. You have to mention:

  • Date of birth.
  • Country of residence.
  • Gender – male or female.

After you sign up, you should fill in the information about yourself which will let other users know you better. It is great to tell about the type of partner you are looking for and your interests in life.

You can also mention the languages you know to attract more users to your profile.

Creating the account, you may choose what gender of a future partner you are looking for – male, female or both. Brilic is open for different orientations and sexualities.




Interface and opportunities

Interface of Brilic is simple and easy to get. There are all the necessary functions – telling about oneself, search, messaging, and showing sympathy.

After you create the profile, you can download your photos. One photo will be chosen to be your main profile photo. All of them should be decent as Brilic is a seriously oriented app. Also there is an option to upload a video which may tell more about you than photos do.

All the users which may be suitable for you as your future partners are displayed on the main page. A green light means they are online now. When you open a profile of the user, you see their name, age, the photos gallery, the self-description, the country and city of residence.

In each profile there are several buttons – chat, “like”, and “block” button. The last one may be used if you encounter some kind of impolite or offensive behavior.use-brilic

Search and communication

There are two different options of searching a partner on Brilic. This app is not based on swipes or mutual likes. It offers you another model of dating.

You may state your search criteria in the Search panel, the “Filter” option. There you can choose age and location of your future partner. Then you see the profiles shown and choose among the people filtered.

Another way of search is to use “Search Places” line in the upper left corner of the window. There you type the country or a certain region where you want to meet your partner. You may also type your own city and look for there, too.

Brilic allows you to chat with the people you like. The chat panel is also easy to use. You can send text messages and exchange photos.

Besides this, you may attract some attention by sending virtual gifts through the app. You can send a teddy bear, a kiss, a heart or some flowers – it is up to you, but it always warms the heart of a person who gets it!4-step-brilic



Brilic is a safe app to download and install. You may get it on App Store or Google Play and install on your mobile device. You must be at least 17 years old to start using the app.

The app offers you a free 3-days trial. After that most of the functions of Brilic will be available to you after you get your membership plan. There are several types of plans and subscriptions. If you are new on the app, you can get 1 or 3-month plan, and if you have more serious plans about dating, you can get a 1-year plan.

Another variant is purchasing the credits to spend them on the app. The minimum number of credits is 200.

As an option to attract more attention, you can purchase a Top status and see your profile in the upper part of the search page.

All the payments are made through iTunes or Google Play accounts and need confirmation from the user before they are deducted.


Safety and privacy

Brilic team cares for your safety. You can be sure that all your data, photos, birth date, all the information revealed in chats and messages is kept under control and no other person can get it without your prior agreement.

If you encounter any offensive behavior, you may press the Block account button or make a complaint and the user will be banned as soon as possible.

Brilic offers you a safe and comfortable platform for dating and meeting your love. So do not waste your time in loneliness – become a member and start your search!

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